Without chemical pesticides and fertilizer…

There’s enough poisoning around, so we don’t need more! But even as a bio-farmer, you run an economic business. You want to sell and cannot take the risk that people bypass your products because they don’t look good. Also you want to have maximum produce per ha, and protect plants against insects and pests.

The alternative of using chemical fertilizer and pesticides is NEEM

The neem tree origins from India but now grows almost anywhere in tropical countries, including West-Africa. It’s a leafy tree that is loved for it’s shade and hardwood. You often find it at village squares, school yards, in streets, etc.

It’s the seeds and the leaves of this tree that will help you grow crops at maximum capacity without environmental hazards. Neem has even more advantages, like its property of reducing malaria by impregnating mosquito nets.

Both for commercial bio-farms, as well as for home-gardeners who want to grow their own food, free of chemicals.