Organic fertilizer with NO negative side effects 

  • adds nutrients to the soil
  • stimulates plant growth
  • plants become stronger and more resistant against diseases
  • no negative side effects on soil condition or groundwater
  • reduces presence of nematodes and bugs
  • crops will yield year after year after year….
  • biodegradable

After the oil is pressed from the seeds a residue remains which is called the neem cake. Also grinded dried leaves can be added. Mixed with the soil, it makes an excellent fertilizer. Plants use the nutrients and any remains of the natural fertilizer will be degraded, so there’s no need for leaving fields fallow for restoration. Fields can be used year after year, to the benefit of the farmer.

While synthetic fertilizers have many negative side effects like groundwater pollution, chemicals entering the food chain and fields that become exhausted after some crop-years and thus need to be left fallow for restoration, ALL THIS can be avoided with the neem fertilizer alternative.

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