Neem Oil, pressed from the seeds

The neem seed contains a number of components from which azadirachtin is the most effective. In the right solution with water it can be sprayed on plants.

  • kills root-eating nematodes in the soil
  • reduces insect feeding, and so acts as a repellent
  • reduces egg-lay capacity of insects
  • neem kills insects, hinders their growth, reduces their number
  • BUT, is non-toxic for spiders, butterflies and honey bees
  • is safe for animals and humans
  • biodegradable, breaks down under influence of light and microbes, half-life in soil depending on circumstances between 2 – 44 days, in water 1 hour – up to 4 days, on plant leaves 1 – 2,5 days.

Neem pesticide is the bio-alternative for chemical pesticides, without its negative side effects on soil, water and food chain. Chemical pesticides usually kill all insects, including the good ones. Neem-pesticide doesn’t! It does not effect for instance the honey bee, which insect is very much needed for keeping the bio-pollinate system going.


  • commercial bio-farming
  • commercial bio-bulb growing
  • private bio-kitchen gardens
  • private flower gardens

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