Sustainable aid by economic development and reforestation in Africa, and agricultural produce with less chemical pesticides in Europe!


DUNAP stands for DUtch Neem Application Project.

It’s all about the neem tree, which is growing all over West-Africa’s dryland, including Togo. It’s the local’s favorite tree to make charcoal. By cutting the tree down, it’s valuable properties are lost, as the local population is not aware of it’s values. As a result, the desert  has another chance to move on…

The neem tree produces berries which contain little nuts. The little nut, as well as the pulp and leaves of the tree contain a certain material, which keeps insect populations down in a natural way. For the same reason components of the tree can be used as a natural fertilizer and soil improver. Further more components of the tree can be used as a means to reduce the spread of malaria and other deseases that are spread by insects.

Under the umbrella of the local organization SUTO farmers in 100 villages  receive tools to harvest the nuts from the trees. Next the nuts are be gathered and partially processed in Togo, after which they are transported to Europe by container. Here the neem components are processed further and sold at the European market, as an alternative for chemical pesticides in (bio)-agriculture and flower-bulb cultivation. Also in Togo neem products are introduced to local farmers.

Besides these economical developments, whereby farmers earn money by harvesting the nuts, they are also stimulated to plant more (neem)trees. In this way they contribute to the ‘GreatGreenWall’ project – a reforestation program which covers Africa in full width from Senegal in the west to Djibouti in the east, aiming to stop the Sahara desert growing and moving further south, and thus creating food, jobs and and a future for millions of people who live south of the Sahara desert.

During the first 3 years the farmers receive a bit by bit growing reward for every tree they plant and keep alive. In the 4th year the young trees start giving fruits which they can already harvest. So the family income of the farmers will keep growing. No longer there will be any need to migrate southward looking for means of living – they can make a living right where they are!

Neem products for the European market:

  • Oil, pressed out of the nuts, for various applications.
  • Neem-cake, the solid substance which remains after pressing the oil from the seeds, for various applications in agriculture, gardening and flowerbulb cultivation.


Detailed information about DUNAP in Dutch (please ask for translation): 

DUNAP flyer

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